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  • Tutorial – Accessing Streaming Audio

    Not sure how to access our internet audio stream? Find your computer/phone type below and follow the instructions. It should work automatically, but in case it doesn’t…

    Windows Users

    The easiest way to use our audio stream is to click on the Windows Media Player link on the website, which will open the audio stream in Windows Media Player. If it doesn’t open automatically, go to your Downloads folder and right click on the file donnybro.asx and select Open With, then choose Windows Media Player.

    Alternatively, you can use the very excellent free program VLC to open any of the streams, as well as watch any kind of video or listen to any audio format you can imagine. The same procedure applies, you just need to select open with and then VLC from the right click menu.

    Apple Macintosh Users

    Select the iTunes stream from the website, which should automatically open in iTunes. If it doesn’t automatically open, go to your Downloads folder and click on the file donnybro.pls which will open in iTunes. You can also use VLC which is probably the best media player available, and it’s free.

    Linux Users

    RTFM, yo.

    Seriously though, VLC is your best bet. There are packages on the official site for Debian based distros including Ubuntu and Mint, Redhat based distros including Fedora, for Gentoo, Arch, openSuse and even Slackware. You can also build from source if you are so inclined. Download the winamp stream file and open it in VLC and you’re away.


    There are several players available that can access audio streams. VLC or BubbleUpnp are probably the best. VLC is free, and BubbleUpnp has adds, and costs a few dollars for the full version (License available here). Android should automatically open the stream in the correct program. I recommend VLC, it is a powerful and versatile app.


    iPhone has built in players that can open the iTunes type stream with no problems, but you can also use VLC which is an incredibly useful media player program.

    Real Player and Quicktime

    There is an option to use Real Player or Quicktime player to stream audio. These are not recommended unless you are already a Real Player or Quicktime user. They are provided only as a courtesy, and both products are difficult to use compared to other options.

  • Internet Streaming Online

    Today, I turned on the internet stream. You can now listen anywhere you have an internet connection. Below is a link to our stream page. Alex is going to add the links to the sidebar when he gets time, and my next project is to find out if I can make and publish an Android app for the stream. I know people have done it, I have no idea how yet.

    Needless to say, I am quite pleased that it’s working.