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  • A Little Saturday Update

    Posted on by Nate

    Everything is going well at the station, we’ve had a full week with no computer issues or crashes, even with the thunder storm. Very cool.

    Barry and Don are headed down to Balingup today to do some work on the transmitter there, hopefully to boost the output slightly as it is currently a little quiet.

    We’ve had 72 unique listeners on our new internet stream, with a session average of 22 minutes.

    Today I am going to be working on the new computer system for the main studio computer and the promo for Amcal Donnybrooks Grand Opening for the new services. Watch this space for more info on that one.

    In Music news, Billy Eilish has a new song out that is brilliant. I’ve linked to The Guardian review, and you can find it on Youtube with the filmclip that she wrote and directed for the song. Beautiful and powerful, I highly recommend you have a listen. I’m hoping to get a copy soon to be added to our playlist.

    That’s all I have for today. Have a safe weekend!!

  • Internet Streaming Online

    Today, I turned on the internet stream. You can now listen anywhere you have an internet connection. Below is a link to our stream page. Alex is going to add the links to the sidebar when he gets time, and my next project is to find out if I can make and publish an Android app for the stream. I know people have done it, I have no idea how yet.

    Needless to say, I am quite pleased that it’s working.


  • Some More Progess, and a new NBN Connection

    In the last week, we’ve been able to get our new internet connection up and running, as well as some maintainence tasks that I have been meaning to get to but didn’t.

    This week will be a lot of cabling, programming computers and getting cranky at Windows. Wish me luck, everyone. I’ve also finally got my home recording gear working again, which means I might actually get some work done on the sponsor messages (sorry everyone)

    Stay Tuned, lots of cool stuff coming soon.