We have presenters. In this space, You will be able to meet them. Eventually. I haven’t done anywhere near enough work on this section.

Juta Stokes

Juta is the host of Women on the Radio, a weekly showcase of the best music performed by women from around the world. She is also integral to music we play during our unhosted segments.


Prepare your mind for a journey into sound. Most of the time, we like to say that we are on your wavelength. During Get Up Offa Dat Sofa 7pm Thurdays, you’ll be on DIY’s wavelength. You don’t really get a choice.

All the reggae, funk, latin, dub and breaks you can handle, and then some more.

Jackie Cavill

Jackie is our original presenter and host of both What’s On, our daily local news segment, and J’s Local on Friday afternoon.


Tristan will take you on a deep dive into music history with an eclectic mix of pop, dance and rock music, with theme nights, countdowns and more. Tune in on Tuesday nights at 7pm to catch this excellent and highly rated show.

Alistair Faulkner

Alistair is from England, originally. He has an uncanny ability to capture the humanity of his interview subjects and his weekly series Community Focus airs at noon on Thursdays and Sundays after the local news.

Nate Stokes

Nate is a musician and DJ who spent far too long at school and never really finished anything until he joined DBCR. As well as sporadically hosting 6 O’Clock Rock (Daily 6pm), Nate also watches over the machinery and beats it when necessary. Mostly, the machinery obeys.

Neil Simpson

Neil is DBCR’s walking encyclopaedia of music. With a love of classic rock and rock n roll, 60’s soul and Motown, singer songwriters or indie rock and Americana. Neil’s ambition is to fill up the station’s library of music to rival any station anywhere.

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